Our structure

The Agency is incorporated as a co-operative corporation without share capital under the Canada Cooperatives Act. By-law #1 names the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) as the sole entity that may be a member, now and in the future.

The Agency’s by-laws give CHF Canada limited duties. It names the auditor, considers the auditor’s report, approves the audited financial statements and appoints qualified directors for a three-year term. (CHF Canada may remove the Agency’s directors only if they cease to qualify for office.) The actions can all take place through a resolution signed by the member’s representative. The board of directors exercises all other powers, which it may delegate to the Agency’s staff, led by a chief executive officer.

The Agency has regional service centres in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and a support centre in Ottawa.

Regional service centres

The Agency does most of its work through three regional service centres — one serving Ontario and PEI, one serving Alberta and one B.C. Each housing co-operative has been assigned a specific relationship manager. Their relationship manager is the co-op’s chief point of contact with the Agency.

Support centre

The Agency’s support centre is located in Ottawa. It exists to help the regional service centres operate as well as possible by managing the business side of the organization and relations with the legal client, CMHC. The support centre houses the staff responsible for the information system that makes the Agency’s data-driven approach possible.

The support centre also serves as the base of the Agency’s client service champion. We created this special position to ensure that our commitment to client service will never be overlooked. The client service champion coaches Agency staff, handles concerns or complaints that relationship managers have not been able to resolve, manages our client-feedback program and looks after the Agency’s Privacy Policy.