Our staff

Ontario / PEI Regional Service Centre
Prairie Regional Service Centre
Support Centre

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B.C. Regional Service Centre

Traci Dubeau, Relationship Manager
Cole Dudley, Relationship Manager
Lisa Gardner, Analyst
Hia Inthavixay, Relationship Manager
Jill Kelly, AIR Officer
Vicki Lackman, Senior Administrative Assistant
Larry Lenske, Financial Officer
Joanne Mick, Manager, Operations
Shawn Preus, Relationship Manager
Payam Ressalat, Senior Analyst
Francesca Sorace, Relationship Manager
Joseph Stoltz, Relationship Manager
Heather Wesenberg, Relationship Manager
Eileen Wilke, Financial Officer

Ontario / PEI Regional Service Centre

Bridget Bayliss, Senior Analyst
Donna Burnett-Beckford, Default Management Officer
Mel Cameron, Relationship Manager
Donna Charbonneau, Manager, Operations
Jacqueline Cooper, Relationship Manager
Jane Davidson-Neville, Relationship Manager
Jovette Fournier, Relationship Manager
Jennifer Hobbs, Director, Lending and Default Prevention Services
Heather Kennedy, Relationship Manager
Catriona McCallum, Relationship Manager
Rosalind Morton, Relationship Manager
David Nagy, Relationship Manager
Jason Sooch, Relationship Manager (on leave)
Sandeep Thethy, Analyst
Katrina Waters, Senior Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Woodfield, Relationship Manager
G. Scott Wylie, Relationship Manager

Prairie Regional Service Centre

Awo Ali, Senior Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Brumwell, Relationship Manager
Meghan Friesen, Relationship Manager
Joanne Mick, Manager, Operations
Greg O’Neill, Senior Analyst
Grace Zhao, Analyst

Support Centre

Joanne Balmaceda, Co-ordinator, Technical Services
Maggie Keith, Communications Officer
Cavelle Lane, Director Human Resources and Administration
Pamela Langlois, Senior Administrative Assistant
Ken Lawson, AIR Help Desk Officer (on leave)
Colin MacDougall, Manager, Finance and Information Technology
Gail McKenzie, Software Quality Assurance Officer
Sirikit Moreau, Co-ordinator, Human Resources and Client Service
Sylvie Moreau, Client Service Champion
Natascha Morrison, Information Officer
Trina Murphy, Rent Supplement Co-ordinator
Agata Nobrega, Co-ordinator, Information Systems and Finance
Sergei Pershukevich, Database Administrator
Stan Piechocinski, Manager Information Systems
Kara Shipman, Senior Administrative Assistant
Michel St-Denis, Manager, Technical Services
Olga Tasci, Director, Operations
Laura Vaillancourt, Senior Administrative Assistant (on leave)
Nick Van Dyk, Senior Analyst
Jennifer van Oosteroom, Senior Administrative Assistant (Temporary)
Alexandra Wilson, Chief Executive Officer