Our mandate

The mandate of the Agency is to assist the federal government in

  • ensuring that public funds committed for co-operative housing programs are used as intended and are properly accounted for
  • safeguarding the public’s investment in co-operative housing.

The Agency operates within an agreed accountability framework that gives it authority to perform its duties efficiently, while protecting the public interest.

The Agency administers the operating agreements of federal-program housing co-operatives in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and PEI. These co-ops were originally funded under the National Housing Act through the

  • Section 27 Non-profit Program
  • Section 61 Co-operative Housing Program
  • Section 95 Co-operative Housing Program (Pre-86)
  • Federal Co-operative Housing Program (ILM)
  • Non-profit Housing Program (Post-85, PEI only), and
  • native housing programs.