Phasing plan

A service agreement between CMHC and the Agency was signed on May 3, 2005. Alexandra Wilson was recruited as the Agency’s CEO and began work in October 2005. The transfer of the first services from CMHC to the Agency took place in February 2006.

The plan for the Agency had four anticipated stages. Only the first two phases have been implemented.

Phase I

June 2004 – December 2005
During this planning phase, CHF Canada’s team, under contract to CMHC, established the Agency and readied it for independent operations. CHF Canada developed performance standards, budgets and reporting requirements for the Agency, as well as the service agreement between the Agency and CMHC.

Phase II

June 2005 – December 2006
After the service agreement had been executed, the Agency hired staff, completed all necessary arrangements to take over the first services from CMHC and began delivering those services.

Phase III/IV

  • Administion of CMHC rent-supplement programs for co-ops in Alberta, Ontario and P.E.I.
  • Calculation of the amount of assistance due to co-ops under their operating agreements

Phase V

Launch of a new benchmarking and best-practices service

Documents to consult

Service Migration Plan (May 2005)