Annual Report Card Satisfaction SurveyFeedback

Since 2007 the Agency has been collecting feedback on our service through on-line questionnaires and quarterly interviews. We have recently added exit interviews with willing clients whose operating agreements are ending.

Interviews are useful ways of collecting feedback. They allow us to clarify the Agency’s processes with our clients and give us invaluable insight into their views and needs.

Feedback Questionnaires

These questionnaires point to trends, training needs and learning opportunities for Agency staff. Respecting our clients’ time, we send no co-op more than one feedback questionnaire every six months. If a co-op has no e-mail, it can receive and return the questionnaire by fax or mail.

Wherever the feedback questionnaire shows a client dissatisfied with our service, the Client Service Champion finds out why and shares the information with appropriate Agency staff members. These client concerns have often led us to change the way we do things.

Current services for which the Agency collects feedback from co-op clients include

  • approval to spend replacement reserve funds
  • request for information
  • request for budget approval
  • technical services
  • our reports
  • staff follow-up on the next steps set out in the risk-assessment letter
  • client experience of the approval process for a financial workout.

The Agency also collects feedback forms from auditors about our AIR process, AIR service and Guide for Auditors.

Quarterly Interviews

The Client Service Champion regularly interviews a small random sample of co-ops, management companies and CMHC staff. Their responses are shared with relationship managers and Agency management, without revealing their source. Information about any dissatisfaction with our service is presented to the appropriate Agency staff member. Changes to the way we do things may follow.

Exit Interviews with Departing Clients

The Client Service Champion is now asking clients for an interview on their experience of the Agency as their operaing agreement ends. We hope to learn a great deal from co-ops with nothing to lose by speaking their minds.