Client satisfaction survey

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The Agency undertakes a Client Satisfaction Survey every three years.

The first took place in 2008, the second in 2011 and the third in the fall of 2015. (It was delayed to allow for CMHC’s 2014 survey of our clients.) We also undertook a survey in 2005 prior to our start-up to find out how satisfied co-ops were with CMHC’s service.

As before, we had a third party conduct the survey and analyse the results. This process ensured that our clients would be able to express their honest opinons, since the Agency would not know how any individual co-op responded.

We surveyed 547 client co-operatives, getting a response rate of 52 per cent. To every one of these co-ops, our thanks for helping us improve our client-centred service.

Our clients rated the overall quality of service on a five-point satisfaction scale. The results show a very high level of overall satisfaction. From 82 per cent we received either the highest possible score of five (Very Satisfied) or a score of four (Somewhat Satisfied). Our service got a score of at least three (Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied) or higher from 95 per cent of respondents.

The Agency also asked about client satisfaction with overall timeliness and staff courtesy. Both drew high satisfaction scores.

For details, see the 2015 Client Satisfaction Survey Report.