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 Client-focused service

The Agency is committed to serving all its stakeholders and client groups in a way that honours the ideals of the co-operative movement and keeps the Agency accountable. Client-centred service puts the needs and concerns of housing co-ops and other clients at the core of every operation.

Recognizing the common interest of co-ops, federations of housing co-operatives, CMHC and the public in co-ops’ success, the Agency believes that increased collaboration with co-ops brings good results. Our focus on co-ops is helping them to follow the rules of their program and stay financially healthy or improve their operation.

The Values adopted by the Agency provide a strong base for ever-improving service to housing co-operatives. These values support nine principles specific to client-centred service at the Agency.

The Agency tests the quality of its service through client satisfaction surveys, feedback forms and quarterly interviews. We also monitor service to housing co-operatives through

  • monthly assessments of the Agency’s performance in meeting its service standards
  • quarterly audits of a random sample of the Agency’s client files
  • visits to co-op clients by Agency relationship managers.

The Agency prepares an annual report card on our client service.


The following principles guide the Agency’s approach to client-centred service:

  1. leadership by example from the Board and management within the organization and from the Agency in its relations with its clients
  2. mutual respect among individuals and organizations
    • honouring the contribution of all parties
    • demonstrating fairness, courtesy and professionalism
    • giving responsive and timely service
  3. co-operation, teamwork and reciprocity
  4. social responsibility
  5. meeting of obligations
  6. anticipation of client needs, which the Agency will try to meet when they fall within our mandate
  7. transparent communications that are straightforward, accessible, timely, clear and accurate, in both official languages
  8. consultation and feedback
  9. continuous learning and improvement of both processes and outcomes.